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Self made Keyboard

from waste Plastic

#ANYCAP is an open source community for making self-made keyboards out of discarded plastic. We are working to expand our community by sharing our methods and data


Compatible with standard self-made keycap systems

Since the key shape is in accordance with common self-made keyboard systems such as Cherry, DSA, etc., it is easy to integrate into your keyboard as it is.

Less Cost

Since we use waste materials, the cost of raw materials is almost free.

Stick to your favorits

You can make it in the colors and materials you really want for your keyboard.

Open Source

We share mold data, and tips for injection and all the necessary information on our website.


You can purchase our keycaps on the Precsious Plastic Bazar. They come in a variety of colors, from monochromatic to marbled!

¥500 (+shipping fee)



Come and join our workshop to make only one keycap made from waste plastic material you bring in. If you are interested, please contact us from the button below

Program Sample:

10min introduction
30min crushing material
30min mold injection
20min wrap-up

Making #ANYCAP

01.Find materials

Find out materials to make keycap from. The material ingredients must be identified and must not produce any harmful substances when melted. Plastic bottle caps are one of the most familiar and easy to use materials.


Crush the collected materials to a size of about 5mm square.

03.Prepare Alminium Mold

Cut the aluminum material to make a mold. (At this point, note that the structure is designed to be pulled out by the mold.)

04.Mold Injection

Pull the lever as hard as you can and pour the melted material into the mold.


You can also make your own keycaps by preparing a mold and using a home injection molding machine (such as INARI by ORIGINALMIND).
We open sourced 3D data of the molds in order to expand our communities and encourage more people to participate in plastic recycling activities.
If you are interested, please contact us using the contact form below.


About Us

#ANYCAP is based at the open collaboration hub LODGE.
We are looking forward to hearing from companies, organizations, and individuals who would like to collaborate with us.

Yahoo! LODGE


Everyone can post a report on the materials that you have found that could be used for keycaps. If you've actually made something, please share it here !